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Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation

The force experienced during an auto accident can cause some serious impact injuries. Being thrown around inside the vehicle can move joints violently and cause muscle trauma. These injuries can have an immediate effect on our lives and they can also cause chronic problems. At Auto Accident Urgent Care, we have provided residents of the Kansas City Metro with natural and effective auto accident injury treatment for many years. Read on to learn how we help our patients recover from auto accidents.


Spinal Adjustment

During an auto accident, your spine and joints can be thrown or forced out of alignment. This can put unnatural pressure on your muscles and nerves. The result of this pressure is often stiffness and pain. It could not only affect the immediate area but cause problems in related regions of your body.

Whiplash suffered during a car accident can cause your head to not sit correctly on your spine. This can put pressure on your spinal column and other nerves. In addition to pain, this pressure can cause headaches, numbness, and weakness in your muscles.

We perform a whole-body examination and determine if part of your skeleton is out of alignment. By using gentle chiropractic techniques, we can move your vertebrae and joints back into the proper positions. These gentle techniques will allow your spine and joints to move correctly, take the pressure off of nerves, and allow your muscles to function properly. The adjustment methods we use today are more comfortable, safer, and more effective than in the past.

Massage Therapy and Corrective Exercises

Skeletal, muscle, and connective tissue trauma can all be damaged in a car accident. For your body to heal correctly and fully, your muscles and connective tissues need to be treated. These treatments will relieve your pain, restore your range of motion, and improve your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

For musculoskeletal adjustments to stay in place, the muscle and connective tissues that support your joints need to be strengthened after an injury. Targeted exercises and stretches are used to help strengthen those muscles and connective tissues. These exercises will help your body to stay in alignment and balance.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Kansas City Metro, KS

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