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If you have pain anywhere along your sciatic nerve, you may be suffering from sciatica. This is a condition characterized by nerve pain that is along the sciatic nerve. It can be a highly painful condition, and it can keep sufferers from doing the things they need to do. When it's severe, it can be a debilitating pain that can lower the quality of life of the patient.


This pain may come from an auto accident, or it may be present from several other causes. If you have sciatica pain, you may need to have chiropractic adjustment to help with the pain. At Auto Accident Urgent Care, we have provided residents of the Kansas City Metro with sciatica treatment for many years.

The Sciatic Nerve

There are a lot of nerves in the body, and the sciatic nerve is the largest one. It starts at the lower back, and then it goes through the hips, down through the buttocks, and into both legs. However, the pain of this condition is typically found on just one side of the body. There are a lot of reasons that this condition can appear. It can happen when the spine gets more narrow, called spinal stenosis, and this can irritate the nerve. If someone has a bone spur located on the spine or has a spinal disk that is herniated, these can also result in sciatica. If a patent has diabetes, this can also be a cause. 

Why Do People Get Sciatica?

It's caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, and this can be caused by spinal pressure. If you are obese or carrying extra weight due to pregnancy, sciatica can develop because of the extra spinal pressure. Many jobs can cause it by requiring motions that move the spine unnaturally over and over again. This can be twisting the back, bending over, lifting large items, and driving long hours. When a patent has sciatica, they may have back pain, pain in one leg, pain in the buttocks or hips, or tingling in those areas. 

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