Auto Accident Urgent Care Patient Testimonials

HotButton-TestimonialsI want to thank Dr. Troy Albright and Auto Accident Urgent Care's staff for the fantastic service and treatment that they provided for me. After a few months of Chiropractic treatment, I feel a thousand percent better. At the beginning of my treatment, my pain was unbearable. With each visit, my pain gradually improved and today I feel great. I totally recommend Auto Accident Urgent Care.
– Janeth G.

One morning in 2004 I woke with a tremendously stiff neck; within a few hours all range of motion was gone. The condition seemed out of the blue, however my x-rays told a different story, clearly I’d experience a severe whiplash (AD) injury a few years earlier. The doctor’s questions jarred my memory of an accident two years prior, an accident I didn’t consider severe at the time since I didn’t feel bad other than some scuffs and bruises. Thankfully, treatment could still be effective in reversing the damage. Continued care is a priority; degeneration and chronic pain is something that can be avoided.
— Sheryl H.

Initially, I went in for a new issue and while going over my x-ray results, the doctor pointed out that I had no curve in my neck and asked if I had been in a car accident. Almost 25 years ago, I was in a car that hit black ice then spun twice and rolled down an embankment. I wasn’t injured in the immediate sense, no broken bones or lacerations, so I had not recalled the incident as an injury. The doctor picked up on this right away, connecting my arms falling asleep to a pinched nerve in my neck – a result from my accident so long ago. A treatment plan was prepared and soon I didn’t wake during the night with tingling arms.
— Andrea K.

A little over a year ago, I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light and have suffered since as a result.  It started as severe migraines, neck spasms, and upper and lower back pain and over time digressed into a terrifying neurological condition.  I was never one to make a big deal out of pain, but when my symptoms hadn’t tapered off within a month of the accident, I decided to see my primary physician.  For the next 5 months, I just endured the back and neck pain and the daily headaches thinking eventually my body would heal.

I was wrong. Within 6 months, I developed the sensations of pins and needles, tingling and numbness all over my body. Over time, tremors and uncontrollable muscle jerking started. I saw my primary care physician again and he was perplexed. He suggested I had spinal stenosis or some kind of hairline fracture in my cervical spine that would account for all this.  He then ordered a series of MRIs of my spine. Nothing was detected except curvature of the spine and a small fissure in one of my lumbar discs, which the doctors dismissed as insignificant.  The practitioners were unaware that a whiplash injury could cause my symptoms. I even had some doctors insinuate that it was all in my head or that I was just a nervous person. I went to physical therapy but it only seemed to exacerbate my symptoms.

I felt frustrated and began to give up hope that I would ever feel normal again. That’s when I was introduced to Dr. Albright at AAUC - Auto Accident Urgent Care.  Dr. Albright ordered a series of X-rays and immediately located the problem. He had seen whiplash cases like mine before and knew how to fix it.  He was the first medical professional I saw who understood what I was going through and why.  Since I started going to AAUC, I am 50-75% better and continue to get better every day.  Now my symptoms are no longer ruling my life.  I was put through a series of spinal adjustments and acupuncture that have worked wonders. Based on my experience, my opinion is that the mainstream medical community doesn’t know about the severe effects whiplash injuries have on the spine and nervous system.  I wish I had known to go to AAUC after my accident and spared myself all the pain, lost time, medical bills, frustration, and multiple specialists that I had endured for the past 2 years.  I am so glad I am in good hands now and have hope for a normal life in the future, thanks to Auto Accident Urgent Care.
—Mary Lynn B.